Audio Setup - Need guidance.


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Feb 2, 2008
I've currently got a decent setup (in my opinion) in my room, but it probably isn't up to snuff to where it could be, and I've got a new addition of equipment that I will be replacing/adding to my system, so I need some guidance.

Here is what I have:
2x Sony SS-MF515 speakers
2x Nakamichi bookshelf speakers (could be the S-1As, not sure though)
Scott A1610 receiver
Aiwa TS-W60 Subwoofer
Kenwood KE-205 Equalizer
Kenwood CD Changer + Sony Dual Tapedeck (not important to me, hardly ever use due to playing everything from my PC or PS3)
Olson HF-600 Meter Unit

Basically, the CD changer and tapedeck are hooked up as well as a line running to my PC (long set of RCA cables) - I hook these straight into my PC or PS3 and get sound that way. To me, it sounds good most of the time, though I do notice specific problems with some things. I don't think it is really setup in any surround sound type of fashion, and I don't even believe I have the L/R channels setup exactly how they should be (as in speaker placement wise).

My room (where the setup is/will be) is roughly 12 ft (142") by 11ft (130") with a closet roughly 29" deep and 69" wide.

What I have ready for installation/whatever:
2x Crystal Audio THX-10 subwoofers
2x Acoustic Research TSW-610 speakers
2x Advent Mini Advent speakers
2x Advent Baby Advent II speakers (oddly enough, smaller than the minis)
Epicure M4 Pre-amp
Epicure M1 Amp (I'm assuming, as it doesn't specify on it but pics show the same thing)
Soundcraftsmen RP2215-R equalizer
Mitsubishi DA-M10 Meter Unit

Now not all those were hooked up together, the Advents were just lying around, but the rest was. From what I see, that Epicure combo is pretty nice/sought after from what I read from a small thread. My father, who passed all this down to me after he passed away, built this system for himself as sort of his "dream system" after he gave me the older one (above). He was really into audio, probably an "audiophile" by his classification, and really loved music, especially jazz and rock (countless CDs, vinyls, tapes, etc.)

So basically, I have all this stuff, and I don't know where to begin or what to do. Currently, I think my setup right now is good, but even with what I have could be a lot better. This new setup seems really nice, though the equipment definitely dated from what we know now. I've got things through my head - like I want to get a surround sound setup going with an 5.1/7.1 system if possible. This equipment seems high quality, but since he really enjoyed music (and movies + TV shows, tons), it was really built more for the sound instead of what we have today as traditional surround setups. Not that I exactly know what I'm saying here, so that is why I ask for help! Money isn't exactly an issue, and I work at BB, so if I wanted to buy a order a new receiver or something like that I wouldn't have much of a problem.

Started thread on AVS Forum, haven't got many responses yet:


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Nov 10, 2004
I read the response from avsforum and he said the exact same thing that I was thinking. To use any of the older equipment you'll need a receiver with preouts. From the receiver you can go to either the preamp or EQ first and then the M1. This would be good for the front L and R and the receiver can take care of the center and rear surrounds. Or you can have it as a second zone, meaning your primary zone will be for movies with 5.1/7.1 and the second zone in a different room for stereo music.


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Dec 30, 2003
You've got a surplus of speakers, that setup looks like it's intended for stereo listening. I'd set it up and audition the speakers and pick your favorite pair and just use it for listening to stereo music. If you really want to setup a surround system the speakers are about the only components worth keeping, a modern AV receiver will do everything the rest of that stack of equipment does without taking up nearly as much space.