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Audio interface loud boom noise when pc starting.


Mar 21, 2020
It happens right at the point the interface gets power from the pc and flashes to show its now connected the noise sounds like it could burst the cones.

Solution so far has been to try and keep the pc on as long as possible however whenever it restarts i make sure the speakers are off until the interface gets connected because its a seriously loud disturbing noise.

Any ideas to save me needing to turn them off all the time when rebooting ?
there is also a noise from the speakers when the pc is turned off and the power wire is removed from the pc... if i plug the power wire back in even when not turned on it stop this... so im thinking some sore of earthing issue.


Diamond Member
Dec 24, 2000
Sounds like a cheap integrated sound on the motherboard. The really cheap boards don't have any isolation.

Best bet, buy a cheap DAC. I got a DAC destroyer from hot audio for like 20 bucks. It made even a high end integrated motherboard, sound like garbage. DAC's are the way to go. I'm not sure if those are still available ... just about any dac will work, you can get a cheap one from amazon or ebay.