Audio connection to stereo receiver

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    Hello everyboby!:)

    In reading HTPC guides I have seen mention of bit-streaming audio over hdmi. Am I correct in that this essentially means connecting your HTPC via HDMI to a stereo receiver and letting the stereo receiver do the conversion of the audio signal to the correct format?

    If yes, then how about if you wanted/needed to connect your HTPC to a stereo receiver via optical? Do you lose that bit-streaming capability?
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    Bitstreaming means sending an encoded digital signal to the sound system. The system (in this case a receiver) decodes it and turns it into a analog signal to send to the speakers. You should be able to do this over digital optical out. HDMI is a better choice if you can support it. You would pass the HDMI to your receiver, and then the receiver to the TV. The receiver will pull the audio out of the signal and pass the video on to the TV.

    Edit: Changed some wording to make what I was saying a little clearer.