Attn Temjin owners


May 14, 2003
I'm finally ready to order my case for my new build and am leaning towards the TJ06 since the CM830 got pushed back and the TJ07 looks like it will be crazy expensive when it comes out. I was looking at the Lian Li 1000 before, but my OCZ Modstream won't fit in it. For anyone who has the 06, are you happy with it? How are the included fans? How's the cooling? Any clue on whether or not a Modstream would have problems fitting into it? Lastly, what kind of cpu cooler are you using--I want to get an xp-90 or si-120, but am not sure if they'll fit in the "cooling tunnel."


Oh, one more thing--what length sata and ide cables did you get with this (i'm getting the dfi LP UT Ultra-D)?


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Sep 11, 2002
I have the black 06 and absolutely love it. The only small feature I did not like was the window being so big you can see the hard drives. An easy fix was to get some black posterboard and cover the top 1/4 of the window. That would prolly not bother everybody, but it did me. The case ran cool, I had a Thermaltake Polo cooler with a TT fan mod on it (the 45 degree thing) with coolermaster 80 mm fan and it all fit inside the tunnel. I have no idea what a mod stream is so no clue there :) The case has since been switched over to a water cooling. Which was the orginal reason I got the case.
I got UV blue cables for it and never tried the ones that came with my DFI. I believe the only cable you might run into a problem with is the PSU, its a long way from the top of the case to where the board plug in is. My Antec true control 550 reaches with no problem but I have heard of others having problems with generic PSU's
Here is a couple pic's. If there is any other question or pics you need let me know.

Air Cooled 1

Air Cooled 2

Water Cooled 1

Water Cooled 2