Attention 1337 h4x0rz, Get Matrix Figurines


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Mar 17, 2001
0 has a pretty snazzy "cracking competition". Here's how the challenge works:
Saturday March 17th @ midnight, they'll be creating a "Cracking Challenge" section on the site where the latest challenge will be posted. The contest entails breaking an encrypted message and deciphering its meaning. The first person to send in the correct message and the key to how he/she cracked it, wins. New codes will be released every week with increasing difficulty. The person with the most cracks in one "season" wins a swanky prize, e.g. posters, Ratzpads, Matrix figurines, (you know you want a Trinity in black leather figurine sitting atop your desk at work)

The first code will be posted on Saturday the 17th @ midnight (E.T). The subject of the first (easy) code is a Simulated Japanese Message from World War II. Very cool stuff. The top winners to send in the correct answer and the key to how they cracked it, win Matrix figurines. Yummm

Check it out.


Mar 14, 2000
I'm guessing since you're hiding your profile, you're promoting your own site. Regardless, might I suggest a prize a little more on theme with the contest : giving out crack. Imagine all the crackheads in the world all trying to win crack. It'd be a goldmine....