ATOT lazy man fantasy football league (zero time commitment)


Sep 6, 2000
Wanted to gauge interest for a ATOT fantasy football league. However this one will be a very streamlined version with no need to carve out time to participate in a draft or conduct in-season management (waiver wire, weekly roster selections, etc) which seems to be the biggest obstacle for many of us here.

Way it works is simple, before the season you nominate five players you think will most outperform their 2018 points projection for the year (as shown on the ESPN fantasy football site). At the end of the year, I'll look up their actual points earned, calculate the difference, and whoever has the largest positive points differential for their 5 player team wins.

Example: Team one selects Aaron Rodgers and Todd Gurley for their team. ARod's 2018 ESPN projection is 313.3 points and Gurley's is 325.4 points. In January after Week 17 I'll look up their points scored to calculate your total team score. In our hypothetical ARod's actual 2018 points scored is 350 and Gurley's is 320. In this case, Team 1 will have earned 36.7 points from ARod (350 - 313.3 = 36.7) and -5.4 points from Gurley (320 - 325.4 = -5.4) thus a team total of 36.7 + (5.4) = 31.3 points.

Please note that players are not exclusive to one team and may be selected by more than one owner so there is no "draft," only you giving me your list of players. You must provide your list of players to me before Game 1 begins for any player on your team otherwise that player's points won't count towards your score (e.g the PHI-ATL game is Thursday night, if you submit a list including Carson Wentz to me on Saturday then Wentz's stats won't count). Thus if you REALLY want to include a player from the Eagles or Falcons then you need to submit your list to me pronto. Your player list must be either posted to this thread or sent to me by PM timestamped no later than 5 minutes before the earliest game start time of any of the players on your team to count all your players (e.g. if you on Saturday submit a list containing Wentz, only the other four players with Sunday games will count but not Wentz as his Game 1 was already played).

I'll use ESPN default scoring for PPR (points per reception). Feel free to check the listings here.
I will use the ESPN 2018 preseason projection for each player that is shown on the site as of 8:00PM ET Thursday (for any player playing in the Thursday night game) or 12PM ET Sunday for anyone else.

Your rosters must consist of one of each of the following positions:

1. QB or TE
2. WR
3. RB
4. WR or RB
5. Defense / Special Teams (DST)
6. In the unlikely event we have a tie (despite the fact I'll be using fractional point scoring), please also nominate a Kicker whose scoring differential will only be considered in the case of a tie.

That's it! If anyone cares to make this a friendly wager contest I can handle that as well. You can still participate without paying in but you won't win a cash prize if you come in first (for obvious reasons, it will go to the paid-in team with the highest points among the paid in players but you'll still get recognized as "league champ"). Let me know in the thread if interested and whether you want to play as a free player or be in the "friendly wager" pool. If the later please let me know your preferred amount, I'll suggest $5 each with winner-take-all payout but am open to whatever the majority prefers. Paypal is probably the easiest and cheapest way to pay in but I'm perfectly fine with using a "protected" method like LeagueSafe or something (be advised they charge a small service fee which you'd have to pay). I haven't traded in a while but I do have pretty good Heatware so I feel your funds would be in good hands if using Paypal.
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