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ATI Owners


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Jan 4, 2007
i dont hear too many people talking about it and it is a feature that made me pick the 4870 over an nVidia card.

the DVI>HDMI adapter runs audio over HDMI into your tv or what not.

I use it with a 50ft HDMI cable to run HD content from my pc into the next room where my 42" panasonic plasma resides. I find it performs excellently for watching movies in Theatre mode.

Sometimes I will play back a replay of World in Conflict when I drop a nuke, but it doesnt look nearly as nice as HD video content.

So does anybody else utilize this feature?


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Apr 27, 2002
I occaisionally do.

I have my PC hooked up via Coax to a Receiver which handles my 5.1 speaker set which is spot on for gaming and movie watching.

I do use the Audio over HDMI when I need to keep things quiet, no real bass etc. It'd be awesome for me if I didnt already have a speaker set in use.
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