AthlonXP 2800+ vs Comparable Sempron?


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Nov 30, 2000
I have a brand new retail 2800+ I've never opened. It's the one with the Barton core and 333fsb. Purchased an ECS nForce2 Ultra mb/XP 2800+ combo at outpost last year to build a system, but someone gave me a 2000+ XP cpu which I installed on the nf2 board. If need to I can swap cpus out if more speed is needed.

I'm not up to speed with all the Semprons available. I've read that some are just rebadged XPs. I've also heard that Semprons will have 64bit capability soon.

OR I'll buy a a64/939 combo and build off that one. Since I game a lot that would be the best thing since prices are coming down. But when I build I was thinking of using an older setup to run Win98 to run older games on. My current PC runs all the latest games fine.

If I decided to sell this new CPU, is it something that someone would buy?


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Aug 18, 2002
The 64 bit Semprons you speak of are based off the A64, but some of the first lower end Semprons were based off the Barton.

Your 2800+ XP is fine for most things, and if you want to upgrade any further you have to go s939.

Edit: I forgot to say, the 64 bit Semprons are not Socket A, only the very first ones were.