AT&T Prepaid Service w/ $25 useage credit and Motorola V2397 = $29!


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May 1, 2000
Amazon has what looks like a great deal for anyone looking for prepaid cellular service. I just signed up for AT&T Prepaid Free2Go prepaid service with Motorola V2397 phone. Amazon has this for $119, with $50 off instant rebate on the phone and AT&T has $40 rebate.Your out of pocket is $29 -- but AT&T service plan includes $25 credit, so it's like getting the phone for $5. I don't need a plan with lots of minutes - this is for my son to use for emergencies and to keep in touch with us when out with friends.

Motorola Phone

No contract, no credit check, no monthly bill, nothing but wireless service where you need it and when you need it. AT&T Wireless Free2Go prepaid service gives you all the benefits of a wireless phone without the complications of a typical postpaid plan. Prepaid service is now a great option. In the past, prepaid-service per-minute rates were much higher and did not offer the same service features as postpaid plans. Those days are gone; prepaid service is now feasible for more than just the credit-challenged customer. Consider prepaid as an excellent way to control or monitor usage and simplify your wireless spending.
AT&T Wireless Free2Go Prepaid offers two types of service, one for the local user (local calling plan), and one for the traveler (national calling plan). Both the national and local plans offer two cool phones to pick from, the Nokia 5165 and the Motorola V2397. Both plans also offer the same service features such as caller ID, and voicemail and easy "buy-the-box-and-go" simplicity. Long distance costs are included in the per-minute cost for both plans. For those who travel frequently, the national calling plan also includes the cost of roaming; justifiably, the per-minute cost for the national calling plan is significantly higher. If you are mostly a local user but plan on traveling, AT&T Free2Go prepaid lets you switch your prepaid calling-plan minutes. For example, if you replenish your account with national calling-plan minutes, all your minutes--leftover and new--become national calling-plan minutes. Keep in mind the minutes expire after a set amount of time, depending on which denomination of prepaid card you get.


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Jun 21, 2000
too bad, not good in the Dallas/Plano area, same as with the Nokia 5165 deal.


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Nov 22, 1999
Looks like the $40 rebate from AT&T expired yesterday:

Step 3: Receive a $40 rebate from AT&T Wireless

You must activate and maintain service with AT&T Wireless.
See rebate form for all details.
Offer ends September 15, 2001.