AT Shot of the Day Thread

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Aug 5, 2000
Wow. That's a VERY vibrant shade of red. Almost cartoonish like. And I'm seeing this on a 15 year old SDR display. Were you blinded by that heavy dose of red? Where did you capture this moment? Seems like a very exotic lizard species. Maybe in Indonesia or Sumatra?

Actually I took that shot right in my backyard fence line here in Hawaii. I think it some kind of invasive species that showed up in my neighborhood around 20 years ago. That guy refused to back down on me of which was to my advantage as far as getting a decent shot of it.

Color depth and saturation is I'm guessing a result of a stackup of factors that include the shaded lighting, the use of a circular polarizer, the camera itself (Canon R3) the lens (100L IS Macro I think)<----I'll check metadata on this and the scripted actions that I input into the initial post processing of all my photos.
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