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Question Asus Zenwiri and Nest WiFi with same issue


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Dec 13, 2020
I recently purchased a Nest Wifi (3 node) setup and then an Asus Zenwifi CT8 dual router setup. I have Fios 1GB service (measures around 850mbps on my hardwired computer and the Nest WiFi main router when it was hooked up) so I know the input speed is excellent. Both units did the same exact thing: signal strength is much improved in my 2 story center hall colonial, even pushing the signal out to my deck where I didn't get one at all with the Fios router. The issue is that the actual WiFi speed, which I expected to be around 600mbps or so right in front of themain router is actually around 250 most of the time. The tests I've seen and specs for these two units lead me to think I should be able to approach that speed. Any ideas about what I could do to pump this up?


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Jul 6, 2007
You have to find out what chipset your WiFi client uses and whether it's 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3. And it depends a lot on your environment. Also link speed <> throughput.

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