ASUS Z97-A motherboard problem.

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    I have problem with my desktop PC display. I purchased this assembled piece an year and half back.
    It has Intel i7 4790 K , ASUS z97-A Mobo and Kingston hyper x RAM 2 x8=16GB

    Four months back I got motherboard issue. ASUS took my mobo and gave me another refurbished Mobo. This refurbished Mobo had a couple of cpu pins bent. When I fixed the mobo and switched on the PC, I was not getting display. ASUS repaired the refurbished Mobo by fixing the bent pins.

    I fixed this refurbished mobo back in my PC and connected it using a VGA cable to my monitor. At first everything looked fine. But somtimes when I switch on the PC, there is no display. My observation is, when I switch on the PC, I get a beep sound (like teek). When this sound comes, everything works fine. But on two occassions till now, I have a situation where the teek sound DOES NOT come and there is no display when this happens.

    Is there some problem with the Mobo?

    Today morning I got this problem. After a couple of manual switch off and swtich on, I got display back with a message "overclocking failed. Please enter setup to reconfigure the system. I reduced the DRAM frequency in BIOS to 1600 Mhz to see if the problem is fixed. that doesn't help.

    I am looking at several options like TPU LED , EPU etc on the Mobo but I have no idea if these settings are causing the display issue.

    Please help me

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