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Question Asus Z690A Prime vga light on and wont post


Senior member
Jun 12, 2015
Hello guys i just bought a recent mobo the Z690A prime from Asus and an i5 12600k and 2x8gb ddr5 ram, i assembled everything but it wont boot from the GTX1080TI founder edition that i have, and VGA light is turned on on the motherboard.

I can boot into the BIOS with the integrated graphics from the CPU, ive updated the bios tried resetting everything, clear CMOS, used only 1 bank of ram but nothing works, the lights on the gpu turns on and the fan is also working and the gpu gets hot but it wont post, ive also tried the second PCIE slot on the mobo and that didnt work too, the gpu works fine cause i tested it again on another build.

Ive read that many had the same problem but nothing works for me, i dont have another gpu right now to test