Question Asus z490 strix-e OR Asus z590 strix-a


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Jan 1, 2021
Guys I need your help. I am trying to decide which one of these boards to get. Both boards have all the features that I need. However I want to know which one is the better board for my money. I plan to run a 10850k and not upgrading to the 11th series. The strix-e has an issue with the intel wired nic so that means I will buy a pcie 1gb nic card for cheap. The strix-a looks to have a fixed wired nic card so I should be good there. So both boards work out to be about the same price all said and done. The vrm for the new strix-a looks very strong(14+2 @ 70 amps each). I don’t see any deficiencies with the strix-a board as the z490 series had. Is the z490 strix-e, though the older chipset, still more premium than the new z590 strix-a? What would you buy if it was your money? Thanks.

Here are the specs for the z590 strix-a - Strix-a specs

Here are the specs for the z490 strix-e - Strix-e specs


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Mar 15, 2018
Just a thought...and for what it's worth coming from a guy that only upgrades motherboards when they die of old age....why go for the older board at all? Even if you never plan to upgrade, the newer chipset has likely considered the failings of it's predecessor and fixed them. It is also likely to have manufacturer support for a longer period of time.

Unless you have some particular reason to NOT use the newer chipset, I'd go for the newer chipset every time.