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Question ASUS X570 Crossfire VIII Dark Hero and Hyper M.2 Build Questions


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Mar 6, 2021
Working on my first computer build in a while and am trying to figure out if I can successfully build/configure it the way I want before I spend money. I would appreciate any insight on whether this is doable. I tried reaching out to ASUS tech support with no luck. I do not intend to use it for gaming or overclocking.

Parts List:

ASUS X570 Crossfire VIII Dark Hero MB
AMD Ryzen 9 X5900 CPU
Noctua NH-D15 cooler
32 GB (2x16) DDR4-3200 Memory @ CL16
ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 Gen 4 Card
2 x 0.5 TB Western Digital SN850 M.2 drives installed in the Hyper M.2 card
2 x 2 TB Western Digital SN850 M.2 drives installed in the Hyper M.2 card
GeForce GT 1030 PCIe 3.0 x16 video card
Antec HCG850 power supply

My questions/concerns:

1. Can I install the ASUS Hyper M.2 card, with the four Western Digital SN850’s, in PCIEX16_1 slot with 4 x4 bifurcation and get it to run on PCIe 4.0? The MB manual implies yes but only at PCIe 3.0 for this CPU (maybe a typo?). I understand that I will have to leave slot PCIEX16_2 empty for PCIEX16_1 to get all 16 PCI lanes.

2. I want to configure the drives as a 0.5 TB RAID 1 mirror and a 2 TB RAID 1 mirror. Is this configuration supported by the MB and the Hyper M.2 card? I understand that RAID 1 will come with a performance hit but I’d rather have redundancy.

3. Can I boot off of one of the RAID 1 mirrors?

4. In order to support the Hyper M.2 card in slot PCIEX16_1 with PCIEX16_2 empty, I will have to install my video card in chipset slot PCIEX16_3. I believe the video card only requires 4 PCI lanes. I am not worried about GPU performance as I won’t be using it for games. I’d rather have my storage on the CPU lanes than my GPU. Will the video card work in PCIEX16_3?

Any guidance / info / confirmation much appreciated!