Question ASUS RT-AX55 or Asus RX3000 Thoughts?


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Sep 3, 2012
Good Evening Everyone,

I am going to be moving into my own home soon (a condo specifically) and am in the process of picking up my own modem and a new router for the space. I am coming from an Asus AC68U which will be staying with my family. I was looking at the Asus RT-AX55 and pairing it with an Arris SB6190 modem. I also took a look at the Asus RX3000. I likely won't purchase an internet package faster than 500mbps, but I wanted to at least have the equipment to handle faster speeds should I elect to go that route. I am covering roughly 1200 square feet and will have a desktop, laptop, Rokus, phones, Nest, etc on the network. I will also be gaming on the PC and my Playstation.

Does anyone have familiarity with either of these routers? I wasn't looking to spend AX3000 money as I didn't think I really needed that for my new application but if there was a benefit to going with something like that, I would be interested in hearing. I should note that I will have my desktop hardwired and will eventually run ethernet through the attic and drop down to my playstation and other home audio devices. However, for now, I will be utilizing Wifi for a while on everything but the Desktop. I do have a laptop and mobile device that take advantage of Wifi 6.