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Asus ROG STRIX (RX 570 4GB) w/chassis 4-pin fan connector?


Aug 25, 2001
Yesterday, I installed an Asus ROG STRIX RX 570 4GB card that I purchased from a member here (works great, thanks!), into my friend's Athlon II X4 rig (yeah, that GPU is slightly overkill, maybe).

There was a problem with the cheap case's 80mm rear exhaust chassis fan. I replaced it just recently, after nearly 10 years of operation, with a Rosewill 80mm case fan. Which has a nice sleeved 3-pin cable, but it's.... a little too short for this application? There's one 3-pin chassis fan connector on the mobo, and with the GPU installed, the cable doesn't reach over/under the GPU properly. So, knowing that this GPU has a 4-pin fan connector on it, I plugged it in there, because it reached.I assume that it runs the chassis fan at the same time as the GPU main (twin) fans. Which is a slight problem for CPU temps, as the chassis fan isn't running all of the time, because the GPU has fan-stop technology (under 55C).

Anyways, is anyone familiar with using the chassis fan connector on the Asus GPU, to power a fan? Specifically, does it even work with a 3-pin non-PWM fan?

I do have a 6" 3-pin fan splitter cable that I plan on installing, to increase the cable length, and provide for installing a secondary fan on the case side panel. (It previously had a P4-style air duct, that was removed.)


Senior member
May 5, 2017
It won't work properly, the fan will run at a weird speed and won't really do anything. I did a similar thing with using a 4pin mobo connector to a chassis 3pin fan and it didn't work properly at all.

I guess your real answer will come by trying it and seeing if it works.