Question Asus Pg27aqdm Olen monitor hdmi question


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Jun 28, 2004
Hello I have a question hopefully someone can help me with. I am eyeing the Asus Oled 27 inch monitor coming out. I planned on using it for both pc gaming(display port) and also using it for my Xbox Series x. Looking at youtube videos people keep saying it not a good monitor for consoles because it hdmi 2.0 and not 2.1. What am i missing? hdmi 2.0 can do 1440p@120hz right? Doesnt hdmi 2.1 only matter for 4k@120+ hz? Its almost like they are saying ill only get 1440p@60hz. Please some educate me. Why would i not get 120 on this monitor with a xbox series x?


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Sep 28, 2005
No you will get full 120hz i think on 1440p.
I have no idea why people are saying not to get the monitor tho.

I would probably say i think your size is a bit too small for a multi use expecially for console.
I would consider the 32inch.

I would also avoid a ultra ultra wide, like a Samsung Neo G9 type.

Infact if i was looking for what you were looking for, id probably lean heavy on either the 41.5inch ASUS OLED Swift.
Or i would look at probably a 32inch size, possibly a Samsung Neo G8, as i am sort of MEH on QD-OLED, and think they need a bit more field time.

The Samsung Neo G8 will will do everything almost perfectly quality (90%) OLED, without AutoDimming, and without ever worrying about Burn In retention, which to me is a hugh win, unless you want to get a burn in protection warrenty of some kind, just incase.