Asus P5B-E problem

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by direkteur, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I worked with this mobo P5B-E ASUS 3 days. then i decided to do an asus bios update via internet. Everything went ok, but al last it gave an error while updating the EEPROM. I tried this update twice with the same eeprom error.
    Now i decided to start the pc again and nothing happend, no output on my screen. The green indicator(power) lamp on the motherbord is on.

    Please help me with this problem on how tot make this brandnew mobo alive again.

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    When the computer turns on it copies BIOS into RAM and operates it from there.

    You can make changes to the EEPROM that contains the BIOS freely and they will only take effects when you next reboot.

    If said changes FAIL to properly write a new bios to the EEPROM you are not supposed to turn off the computer, as doing so will brick your mobo. Instead, keep it on and keep on trying until you manage to get a full SUCCESSFUL bios installation (even if it is not the latest version)

    Unfortunately you already restarted the computer so your mobo is now bricked. There is nothing you can do to fix it yourself. If it has a physically removable EEPROM chip for the bios then the manufacturer could send you a replacement chip, but otherwise you would have to send the mobo to them for replacement. (they should have the specialized tools needed to reflash it, and if not, they should still cover it under warranty)

    If its not under warranty then you need to buy a new mobo
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    I hate to hijack anyone's thread but my friend just had an Asus P5B-E go bad on him a couple of days ago. He just wants another one to replace it. I am looking on ebay and found a couple but can a person use any P5B model for the drivers already loaded or is it just best to get the original model? Thanks.
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