Asus N56VZ, subwoofer not working

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  1. lukszyk

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    Feb 10, 2013
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    i just bought the asus n56vz with the included small subwoofer, but the problem is it doesnt play when i plug it.
    tried to reinstall music card drivers but didnt help.

    i noticed that at channel sound settings is set up stereo, i cant set anything else like 2.1 though, it seems unaviable. maybe thats the problem.
    but how to solve it?
    any ideas?

    anyway its wierd cause instruction says to just connect it and enjoy, maybe the subwoofer doesnt work cause its damaged

    anyone of you guys has a problem like this?
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    I haven't actually tried the subwoofer on my N56. I think there is an aftermarket audio control panel that might control the subwoofer. I'll try to look into it tonight. (EST - US).

    I'll post again after I have looked it over.