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Sep 27, 2022
This is one of my old cards and I tried to get it to run. Drivers installs so memory controller is noble enough but no display, I did buy a DVI-I to VGA cable but without adapter. My question is, does this GPU needs an adapter? One end being DVI and then hook it up with a VGA to VGA cable to display signal? I might be right but please tell me. Thank you


May 19, 2011
I've never tried a DVI-I to VGA *cable* before, I've used a few adapters before without issue. I have more experience with HDMI/DVI adapters and cables, and I've had problems with both the cables and adapters. A friend of mine reckons the adapters are less problematic / more compatible.


May 19, 2011

Been years since I've plugged my 4870, so whats the verdict, be on topic and coherent. Is a simple question

This post came across as quite hostile, I don't know if that was intended.

The only addition I can make to my previous advice is that I've never had any problems with the DVI-VGA adapters I've used, but there haven't been many occasions for me to use them.
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Apr 24, 2001
"Drivers installs so memory controller is noble enough but no display."

Sorry, not sure what that means. First of all, what's "noble"? Second, how CAN you know that the driver installs if you have no display?

Also, you're asking about a DVI adapter without mentioning the important stuff: to what kind of monitor are you connecting the card, and what are the ports available on that monitor.

Because 1) Most monitors with VGA ports will also have a DVI input (unless they're older than 17 years); 2) most HD4870 cards have dual DVI and S-Video; and 3) a DVI to DVI cable is the simplest solution, no need for an adapter.

But perhaps your troubles run a a little deeper.

It looks like you've had video card issues before:
In that thread, someone tried to give you instructions how to boot into a Linux operating system, in order to bypass Windows altogether. You didn't listen to the advice, and instead started rambling about something else, posting links to a bitcoin forum, in an avalanche of messages that would make anyone reading the thread shake their head and refuse any further interaction.

Just by reading what you posted so far, it's evident you grossly overestimate both your command of the English language AND your tech skills. You are clearly unable to comprehend something as basic as booting into Linux, but nonchalantly talk about replacing BIOS chips. Can you understand the fault here?

Lastly, I can tell you're from Eastern Europe because of the way you structure your sentences, as well as your thin-skinned attitude in your forum interactions, which makes you really unpleasant to people from other cultures.

So my final advice to you is this: write in shorter sentences and try to be more humble. Saying "please" and "thank you" is not going to hurt.
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Dec 10, 2010
Not sure what model 4870 you have. But the reference card had dual DVI-I outputs. DVI-I outputs an analog signal, so it just needs a cheap adapter like this:

These adapters will not physically plug in to a DVI-D port.

However, you failed to give us what your version of windows is, or what model type of computer you have. The 4870 only has official driver support up to windows 8.

And lastly, be nice.