Question ASUS Crosshair VIII (WiFi) how to enable cool n quiet with OC?


Apr 25, 2004
  1. So, I finally upgraded!!

    New components:

    3900X @4.35ghz all core OC 1.27v
    Asus X570 Crosshair Hero VIII (WiFi)
    4x 8gb Patriot Viper Steel 3600mhz C17 (now tweaked but would appreciate any additional advice)
    Arctic liquid freezer II 360
    1TB NVME Boot drive Drive
    2TB Patriot SATA3 SSD

    Clean Win10 install

    Continued with Define S case, EVGA Silver 850w psu, MSI RTX2070S

    Because I created the OC using the ram preset timings and various other auto overclock features before optimised, I appear to of (probably via any one of the auto options I chose at the start) disabled cool'n'quiet, if I reset to defaults it works so I know I am okay in Windows.

    I much prefer the downclocking while idle option (low power modes are helpful) so I am keen to get this operational again (even if I sacrifice the all core OC a bit).

    My issue is that I've no idea why it isn't working? I think I've enabled it in the BIOS but I've no idea what setting I've missed that makes it work (again knowing it works in default stock, means it's not a windows power profile issue AFAIK of course).

    Any/all help greatly received.

    My current bios as per below

    [2020/03/18 12:04:43]
    Ai Overclock Tuner [D.O.C.P. Standard]
    D.O.C.P. [D.O.C.P DDR4-3603 17-19-19-39-1.35V]
    BCLK Frequency [100.0000]
    Performance Enhancer [Level 3 (OC)]
    Memory Frequency [DDR4-3600MHz]
    FCLK Frequency [1800MHz]
    Core Performance Boost [Enabled]
    CPU Core Ratio [43.50]
    Core VID [Auto]
    CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
    CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
    CCX0 Ratio [Auto]
    CCX1 Ratio [Auto]
    TPU [TPU II]
    Performance Bias [Auto]
    Precision Boost Overdrive [Enabled]
    Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto]
    Max CPU Boost Clock Override [200MHz]
    Platform Thermal Throttle Limit [Manual]
    Platform Thermal Throttle Limit [90]
    DRAM CAS# Latency [17]
    Trcdrd [19]
    Trcdwr [19]
    DRAM RAS# PRE Time [19]
    DRAM RAS# ACT Time [38]
    Trc [75]
    TrrdS [Auto]
    TrrdL [Auto]
    Tfaw [Auto]
    TwtrS [Auto]
    TwtrL [Auto]
    Twr [Auto]
    Trcpage [Auto]
    TrdrdScl [Auto]
    TwrwrScl [Auto]
    Trfc [510]
    Trfc2 [300]
    Trfc4 [210]
    Tcwl [Auto]
    Trtp [Auto]
    Trdwr [Auto]
    Twrrd [Auto]
    TwrwrSc [Auto]
    TwrwrSd [Auto]
    TwrwrDd [Auto]
    TrdrdSc [Auto]
    TrdrdSd [Auto]
    TrdrdDd [Auto]
    Tcke [Auto]
    ProcODT [Auto]
    Cmd2T [Auto]
    Gear Down Mode [Auto]
    Power Down Enable [Auto]
    RttNom [Auto]
    RttWr [Auto]
    RttPark [Auto]
    MemAddrCmdSetup [Auto]
    MemCsOdtSetup [Auto]
    MemCkeSetup [Auto]
    MemCadBusClkDrvStren [Auto]
    MemCadBusAddrCmdDrvStren [Auto]
    MemCadBusCsOdtDrvStren [Auto]
    MemCadBusCkeDrvStren [Auto]
    Mem Over Clock Fail Count [Auto]
    Voltage Monitor [Die Sense]
    CPU Load-line Calibration [Level 3]
    CPU Current Capability [130%]
    CPU VRM Switching Frequency [Manual]
    CPU Voltage Frequency [500]
    CPU Power Duty Control [Extreme]
    CPU Power Phase Control [Power Phase Response]
    Manual Adjustment [Ultra Fast]
    CPU Power Thermal Control [130]
    VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Auto]
    VDDSOC Current Capability [Auto]
    VDDSOC Switching Frequency [Manual]
    Fixed VDDSOC Switching Frequency(KHz) [600]
    VDDSOC Phase Control [Auto]
    DRAM Current Capability [100%]
    DRAM Power Phase Control [Optimized]
    DRAM Switching Frequency [Auto]
    SB Clock Spread Spectrum [Auto]
    VTTDDR Voltage [Auto]
    VPP_MEM Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA [Auto]
    DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB [Auto]
    VDDP Voltage [Auto]
    1.8V Standby Voltage [Auto]
    CPU 3.3v AUX [Auto]
    1.2V SB Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM R1 Tune [Auto]
    DRAM R2 Tune [Auto]
    DRAM R3 Tune [Auto]
    DRAM R4 Tune [Auto]
    PCIE Tune R1 [Auto]
    PCIE Tune R2 [Auto]
    PCIE Tune R3 [Auto]
    PLL Tune R1 [Auto]
    PLL reference voltage [Auto]
    T Offset [Auto]
    Sense MI Skew [Auto]
    Sense MI Offset [Auto]
    Promontory presence [Auto]
    Clock Amplitude [Auto]
    CPU Core Voltage [Offset mode]
    CPU Offset Mode Sign [+]
    - CPU Core Voltage Offset [Auto]
    CPU SOC Voltage [Auto]
    DRAM Voltage [1.36000]
    VDDG CCD Voltage Control [Auto]
    VDDG IOD Voltage Control [Auto]
    CLDO VDDP voltage [Auto]
    1.00V SB Voltage [Auto]
    1.8V PLL Voltage [Auto]
    TPM Device Selection [Discrete TPM]
    Erase fTPM NV for factory reset [Enabled]
    PSS Support [Enabled]
    NX Mode [Enabled]
    SVM Mode [Disabled]
    SMT Mode [Auto]
    Core Leveling Mode [Automatic mode]
    CCD Control [Auto]
    SATA Port Enable [Enabled]
    SATA Mode [AHCI]
    NVMe RAID mode [Disabled]
    SMART Self Test [Enabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    Hot Plug [Disabled]
    HD Audio Controller [Enabled]
    PCIEX16_2 Bandwidth [X8 Mode]
    When system is in working state [All On]
    Q-Code LED Function [POST Code Only]
    When system is in sleep, hibernate or soft off states [All On]
    Realtek 2.5G LAN Controller [Enabled]
    Realtek PXE OPROM [Disabled]
    Intel LAN Controller [Enabled]
    Intel LAN OPROM [Disabled]
    ASM1074 Controller [Enabled]
    Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Controller [Enabled]
    Bluetooth Controller [Enabled]
    USB power delivery in Soft Off state (S5) [Enabled]
    PCIEX16_1 Mode [Auto]
    PCIEX16_2 Mode [Auto]
    PCIEX1 Mode [Auto]
    PCIEX16_3 Mode [Auto]
    M.2_1 Link Mode [Auto]
    M.2_2 Link Mode [Auto]
    SB Link Mode [Auto]
    ErP Ready [Disabled]
    Restore AC Power Loss [Power Off]
    Power On By PCI-E [Disabled]
    Power On By RTC [Disabled]
    SR-IOV Support [Disabled]
    Legacy USB Support [Enabled]
    XHCI Hand-off [Enabled]
    U32G2_2 [Enabled]
    U32G2_3 [Enabled]
    U32G2_4 [Enabled]
    U32G1_10 [Enabled]
    U32G1_11 [Enabled]
    USB12 [Enabled]
    USB13 [Enabled]
    U32G2_7 [Enabled]
    U32G2_8 [Enabled]
    U32G2_C9 [Enabled]
    Network Stack [Disabled]
    Device [SATA6G_3: Patriot P200 2TB]
    CPU Temperature [Monitor]
    CPU Package Temperature [Monitor]
    MotherBoard Temperature [Monitor]
    VRM Temperature [Monitor]
    T_Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
    Water In T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
    Water Out T Sensor Temperature [Monitor]
    CPU Fan Speed [Monitor]
    CPU Optional Fan Speed [Monitor]
    Chassis Fan 1 Speed [Monitor]
    Chassis Fan 2 Speed [Monitor]
    Chassis Fan 3 Speed [Monitor]
    High Amp Fan Speed [Monitor]
    W_PUMP+ Speed [Monitor]
    AIO PUMP Speed [Monitor]
    PCH Fan Speed [Monitor]
    Flow Rate [Monitor]
    CPU Core Voltage [Monitor]
    3.3V Voltage [Monitor]
    5V Voltage [Monitor]
    12V Voltage [Monitor]
    CPU Q-Fan Control [PWM Mode]
    CPU Fan Step Up [0 sec]
    CPU Fan Step Down [0 sec]
    CPU Fan Speed Lower Limit [400 RPM]
    CPU Fan Profile [Manual]
    CPU Upper Temperature [70]
    CPU Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
    CPU Middle Temperature [43]
    CPU Fan Middle Duty Cycle (%) [70]
    CPU Lower Temperature [22]
    CPU Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [38]
    Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [Disabled]
    Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [Auto]
    Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
    Chassis Fan 2 Step Up [0 sec]
    Chassis Fan 2 Step Down [0 sec]
    Chassis Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
    Chassis Fan 2 Profile [Manual]
    Chassis Fan 2 Upper Temperature [70]
    Chassis Fan 2 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
    Chassis Fan 2 Middle Temperature [45]
    Chassis Fan 2 Middle Duty Cycle (%) [78]
    Chassis Fan 2 Lower Temperature [29]
    Chassis Fan 2 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [74]
    Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [Auto]
    Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
    Chassis Fan 3 Step Up [0 sec]
    Chassis Fan 3 Step Down [0 sec]
    Chassis Fan 3 Speed Low Limit [500 RPM]
    Chassis Fan 3 Profile [Manual]
    Chassis Fan 3 Upper Temperature [70]
    Chassis Fan 3 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
    Chassis Fan 3 Middle Temperature [60]
    Chassis Fan 3 Middle Duty Cycle (%) [75]
    Chassis Fan 3 Lower Temperature [20]
    Chassis Fan 3 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
    High Amp Fan Q-Fan Control [Disabled]
    WATER PUMP+ Control [Disabled]
    AIO PUMP Control [Disabled]
    PSPP Policy [Auto]
    Fast Boot [Enabled]
    Next Boot after AC Power Loss [Fast Boot]
    Boot Logo Display [Auto]
    Bootup NumLock State [On]
    POST Delay Time [1 sec]
    Wait For 'F1' If Error [Enabled]
    Option ROM Messages [Force BIOS]
    Interrupt 19 Capture [Disabled]
    Setup Mode [Advanced Mode]
    Launch CSM [Disabled]
    OS Type [Other OS]
    AMI Native NVMe Driver Support [Enabled]
    Flexkey [Reset]
    Setup Animator [Disabled]
    Load from Profile [1]
    Profile Name [OC 4.3ghz]
    Save to Profile [1]
    DIMM Slot Number [DIMM_A1]
    Bus Interface [PCIEX16_1]
    Download & Install ARMOURY CRATE app [Enabled]
    CPU Frequency [0]
    CPU Voltage [0]
    CCD Control [Auto]
    Core control [Auto]
    SMT Control [Auto]
    Overclock [Enabled ]
    Memory Clock Speed [Auto]
    Tcl [Auto]
    Trcdrd [Auto]
    Trcdwr [Auto]
    Trp [Auto]
    Tras [Auto]
    Trc Ctrl [Auto]
    TrrdS [Auto]
    TrrdL [Auto]
    Tfaw Ctrl [Auto]
    TwtrS [Auto]
    TwtrL [Auto]
    Twr Ctrl [Auto]
    Trcpage Ctrl [Auto]
    TrdrdScL Ctrl [Auto]
    TwrwrScL Ctrl [Auto]
    Trfc Ctrl [Auto]
    Trfc2 Ctrl [Auto]
    Trfc4 Ctrl [Auto]
    Tcwl [Auto]
    Trtp [Auto]
    Tcke [Auto]
    Trdwr [Auto]
    Twrrd [Auto]
    TwrwrSc [Auto]
    TwrwrSd [Auto]
    TwrwrDd [Auto]
    TrdrdSc [Auto]
    TrdrdSd [Auto]
    TrdrdDd [Auto]
    ProcODT [Auto]
    Power Down Enable [Auto]
    Cmd2T [Auto]
    Gear Down Mode [Auto]
    CAD Bus Timing User Controls [Auto]
    CAD Bus Drive Strength User Controls [Auto]
    Data Bus Configuration User Controls [Auto]
    Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers [Auto]
    ECO Mode [Disable]
    Precision Boost Overdrive [Advanced]
    PBO Limits [Auto]
    Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto]
    Max CPU Boost Clock Override [200MHz]
    Platform Thermal Throttle Limit [Auto]
    LN2 Mode [Auto]
    SoC Voltage [0]
    SoC/Uncore OC Mode [Disabled]
    VDDP Voltage Control [Auto]
    VDDG Voltage Control [Auto]
    Custom Pstate0 [Auto]
    L1 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
    L2 Stream HW Prefetcher [Auto]
    Core Performance Boost [Auto]
    Global C-state Control [Auto]
    DRAM ECC Enable [Auto]
    Indirect Branch Prediction Speculation [Auto]
    DRAM scrub time [Auto]
    Poison scrubber control [Auto]
    Redirect scrubber control [Auto]
    Redirect scrubber limit [Auto]
    NUMA nodes per socket [Auto]
    Memory interleaving [Auto]
    Memory interleaving size [Auto]
    1TB remap [Auto]
    DRAM map inversion [Auto]
    ACPI SRAT L3 Cache As NUMA Domain [Auto]
    ACPI SLIT Distance Control [Auto]
    ACPI SLIT remote relative distance [Auto]
    GMI encryption control [Auto]
    xGMI encryption control [Auto]
    CAKE CRC perf bounds Control [Auto]
    4-link xGMI max speed [Auto]
    3-link xGMI max speed [Auto]
    Disable DF to external IP SyncFloodPropagation [Auto]
    Disable DF sync flood propagation [Auto]
    CC6 memory region encryption [Auto]
    Memory Clear [Auto]
    Overclock [Auto]
    Power Down Enable [Auto]
    Cmd2T [Auto]
    Gear Down Mode [Auto]
    CAD Bus Timing User Controls [Auto]
    CAD Bus Drive Strength User Controls [Auto]
    Data Bus Configuration User Controls [Auto]
    Data Poisoning [Auto]
    DRAM Post Package Repair [Disable]
    RCD Parity [Auto]
    DRAM Address Command Parity Retry [Auto]
    Write CRC Enable [Auto]
    DRAM Write CRC Enable and Retry Limit [Auto]
    Disable Memory Error Injection [True]
    DRAM ECC Symbol Size [Auto]
    DRAM UECC Retry [Auto]
    TSME [Auto]
    Data Scramble [Auto]
    DFE Read Training [Auto]
    FFE Write Training [Auto]
    PMU Pattern Bits Control [Auto]
    MR6VrefDQ Control [Auto]
    CPU Vref Training Seed Control [Auto]
    Chipselect Interleaving [Auto]
    BankGroupSwap [Auto]
    BankGroupSwapAlt [Auto]
    Address Hash Bank [Auto]
    Address Hash CS [Auto]
    Address Hash Rm [Auto]
    SPD Read Optimization [Enabled]
    MBIST Enable [Disabled]
    Pattern Select [PRBS]
    Pattern Length [3]
    Aggressor Channel [1 Aggressor Channel]
    Aggressor Static Lane Control [Disabled]
    Target Static Lane Control [Disabled]
    Worst Case Margin Granularity [Per Chip Select]
    Read Voltage Sweep Step Size [1]
    Read Timing Sweep Step Size [1]
    Write Voltage Sweep Step Size [1]
    Write Timing Sweep Step Size [1]
    IOMMU [Auto]
    Precision Boost Overdrive [Auto]
    Precision Boost Overdrive Scalar [Auto]
    FCLK Frequency [Auto]
    UCLK DIV1 MODE [Auto]
    VDDP Voltage Control [Auto]
    VDDG Voltage Control [Auto]
    SoC/Uncore OC Mode [Auto]
    LN2 Mode [Auto]
    ACS Enable [Auto]
    PCIe ARI Support [Auto]
    PCIe Ten Bit Tag Support [Auto]
    Max Voltage Offset [Auto]
    cTDP Control [Auto]
    EfficiencyModeEn [Auto]
    Package Power Limit Control [Auto]
    APBDIS [Auto]
    DF Cstates [Auto]
    CPPC [Auto]
    CPPC Preferred Cores [Auto]
    BoostFmaxEn [Auto]
    Early Link Speed [Auto]
    CV test [Auto]
    Loopback Mode [Auto]
    Data Link Feature Exchange [Disabled]
    Above 4GB MMIO Enable [Disabled]