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ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard stopped working after one night?


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Jan 6, 2018
I recently purchased an ASUS B350-F Strix motherboard for my new build but had to RMA it because I had thought it was not turning on, and ASUS ended up sending what I believe to be a new one. It turns out I had forgotten that I need to short the PWR_SWITCH pins on the motherboard to get the cpu fan to actually spin up, meaning the one I had before probably was not defective. Regardless, after receiving the board again, I finished the build, powered it up, and everything was working fine. I played a few games of PUBG and then went to sleep, but when I woke up the PC was not turning on anymore (I had shut it off the previous night). Thinking it was a loose connection that probably fell out, I opened up the case, made sure everything was connected properly, and disconnected the front panel PWR_SWITCH connector that was working fine the night before and tried shorting the pins with my screwdriver. However, the same thing occurred, and the CPU fans did not spin up. The Motherboard RGB and the orange light at the bottom of the motherboard turn on like they're supposed to (ASUS makes it so that they are always on as long as the board is getting power) but nothing spins up when I try and actually turn on the PC. I have tried using a different power supply, taking out the GPU, unplugging the PSU connectors, as well as bread-boarding the build, but nothing seems to be working. Can anyone tell me what the issue could be? Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2013
Have you taken everything off it except the cpu? What happens?