Asus A8N-SLI Won't Post


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Dec 19, 2001
So i built this system for my friend a few months ago, and ran into problems originally while overclocking, and ended up leaving it with a moderate overclock - no problems since.
Tonight we were going to overclock it further, as I'd been successful with another system and learned a couple things there.
I got it running fine at about 2570mhz with the ram at ~183, and decided to see if the ram would go a step up. I made the change in BIOS, saved, and rebooted...i briefly saw a garbled display and immediately turned the sytem off. No big deal I thought, I'll clear the CMOS and just redo the settings to where they were.

After going through the steps to clear the CMOS, the system will not POST. When I turn on the power, I get the green diagnostic LED on the mobo, and the fans turn on. But, the drives do not turn on, the power LED on the case no longer turns on, and no noise signals at all. It does not even beep when I power up with no RAM.

My suspicion is that the BIOS is corrupted and the chip needs to be replaced. Are there are possible solutions that don't involve replacing hardware?

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Sep 25, 2001
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holy 5yrs for your 2nd post. i'm surprised you remembered the username/password.

sorry, no idea about your problewm