Question Asus A8N SLI deluxe cd boot issues


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Oct 22, 2021
Hey guys. Do I recently purchased an old asus a8n sli deluxe motherboard to replace the emachines motherboard that runs the computer in that is in charge of running my cnc mill. In order to run the software (centroid v2.70 / cnc linux in case it’s important) I have to boot the computer for a cd and install the software onto a compact flash which is serving as the hard drive. Now im fairly new to computers, but I’ve been very diligently researching any Possible solution for the cd not being picked up by the computer. I’ve switched jumpers and ide cables in every possible configuration imaginable and every time it tries to boot, it reads “missing operating system”. I’ve dumped more money into this machine than I care to mention, and it’s at the point that I’m considering selling the centroid controller and getting something like gecko servo drives w/ pmdx B.O.B. And running Mach 4 instead But before I do I wanted to try one last Hail Mary attempt and see if somebody out there has the answer to this problem. Just so it’s clear, this operation has to be done on a computer with ide “ribbon” cables and original pci slots so I can’t do it on a newer computer, I’ve tried, there no current os on the computer, tho I do have a card drive with wIndows xp installed that I can use if that is a factor for some reason, all the components connected to this motherboard are salvaged from different computers so idk if there is a compatibility issue (cdrom drive is lite-on it corp) and the flash card is connected via ide-compact flash adapter. As mentioned I’ve tried both cf card and cd drive as master and slave, and both on the same ide cable and on separate cables so I don’t believe it to be an issue with the drive configuration. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


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Aug 22, 2001
Paragraphs, they're a thing. Did not read.
OP is trying to get the OS, a version of linux, to boot from CD, and run his CNC software which is on a CF card using a IDE adapter to act as the HDD. He can't get the, what I presume to be a live CD, to be recognized by the new mainboard. Allowing him to use the software to run the CNC mill.

The wall of text, which I found only semi coherent, left me with questions. Perhaps partially, because of my ignorance of CNC stuff as a whole.

Why does the OS have to run from a live CD, instead of non optical storage? Or are we just trying to get it detected and booted so we can install it on one? Was the CD drive used with the previous setup and known to be working properly?

Do we even know if the Asus board is working properly, since it was bought recently? BIOS settings all correct for the config?

How old is the CD? I presume everything was in use and working, until the emachines board died? And the Asus board is the only new hardware or software?

OP states they could replace the centroid controller with a different solution. And that sounds like the way to go in my inexperienced opinion. My livelihood depending on 2006 era hardware, is something I would correct if I could afford to. And really, could I afford not to?


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Oct 10, 2005
I don't know how you found a working A8N Deluxe. Mine did in 2010.

I'll have to find the manual and take a look, but I wanted to propose an alternate solution albeit at the cost of a little more money. Consider buying a new SATA cdrom drive and there won't be any weird drive configuration or setup required, it should be plug and play essentially.

Now I don't remember much about systems that old but have you checked in the BIOS to see if the CDrom drive is set as a boot device? I don't think systems that old auto configured the boot order like modern systems, I think you had to boot into the bios and set it up yourself.

Although if it is giving you a message that no OS is detected that sounds like it's trying to boot from something. A bit confusing of a situation.


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Oct 16, 2005
as others mentioned, could you please share what the actual requirements of your CNC equipment are?
What is in the A8N Deluxe is required to run it? Any reason not to go with something basic, modern, supported. A cheap motherboard is <$100 ..

you may be making it pretty hard on yourself by trying to make unknown requirements work with very old hardware. SATA as standard have replaced IDE well over a decade ago..