ASUS A7N8X "CMOS checksum error"

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by John2583, Dec 28, 2002.

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    I have the A7N8X Delux. I was adjusting multipliers I rebooted and it would not reboot(It displayed a blank screen wouldn't turn off), so I turned the computer off and turned it back on. All the CD/DVD drives turned on, the Hard drive spun but there was no beep as usual. Nothing displayed on the screeen either. I disconnected all the power and removed the button battery from the motherboard. I put it back in and booted. Now it reports: "CMOS checksum error" Sometimes it beeps once like normal, then another very short beep immediately after the first beep. After this I turned it off removed power and removed battery and reset the jumper that resets the CMOS(it's right next to the battery to the right). The instruction book said to switch the jumper "momentarily." Also, pressing "alt" "f2" does not bring up the Flash utility like it's supposed to. The system becomes unresponsive after it displays "CMOS checksum error" I cannot get into the BIOS setup. I just got this board today. Please point me in the right direction, Thanks.
    Someone on the Asus forum told me to reflash the BIOS. I want to reflash the CMOS, but I can't enter the flash utility by pressing alt f2. After "CMOS checksum error" appears the system hangs, ie I can't get into the BIOS setup. It doesn't even come close to booting from cdrom, or hard drive. I don't currently have a floppy drive installed, so I can't test boot from floppy, but I don't think that will work either. So, Is it time to call ASUS tech support??
    John Brier
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    Did you clear the CMOS properly? It will take longer than usual to clear the CMOS on this board, so leave it for about half an hour just to be safe, although I've heard of reports that it takes as little as 5 minutes. I've never had to clear my CMOS, so I can't comment.

    Did you put the CMOS jumper back before you started up your machine? If not, you may have messed up your board, in which case yes; call Asus support. You may need a replacement board.

    I'm talking a lot of theory here; like I said I've had no problems with the board since I built my comp on the 24th :)
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    To update the BIOS using EZ-Flash (Alt-F2) you are going to need a floppy drive installed. Refer to page 40 of your manual for instructions. Also, plug some headphones or speakers into the green audio-out jack on the rear panel and you may get voice warnings that shed light on what the problem is. Good luck!