Discussion *Article* Trump might have gotten his political agenda that same way everyone becomes who they are... their own parents.

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Mar 14, 2015
If one really does examine Trump's past, one may see how Trump became who he is. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with wealth he earned thru his deceitful actions, or of leveraging banks and contractors. It might have all started from his own father, who might have possibly been a member of the KKK's Queens, New York faction.[1][2][3] However, the real connection to what Trump would become occurred during his upbringing. Donald Trump's father Fred Trump, was a very abusive and racist man, according to Donald Trump's niece Mary Trump. Donald's father would apparently slur, "the blacks" in German, to any of his clients of color looking for a place to rent.[4]

Talking about the real estate industry, it would not be surprising of where Donald learned his illegitimate ways of earning profits in the industry, which basically was from his own father who did the same. In a United States Senate Select Committee on "Banking and Currency" hearing for the 1954 FHA Investigation, the senate was looking into claims made that many of the very wealthy real estate business man who where profiteering from government contracts, and were making "windfall gains".[5] Apparently, Fred Trump was ratted out by the New York Times, in a list of 35 Real Estate Businessmen who might be profiting by these methods, thus catching Senate's attention on Fred. Fred would basically apply for a bank loan he did not need, rent the land that homes would be built on, get a contract from the government to build the homes with a 99 year lease. In such a situation, if either the Trumps were not able to pay the rent for the land, or if the homes themselves went bankrupt, the government would be forced to pay Trump's more than what would have been worth $1.59 million in 1957. It would also insolvent any further payments necessary to that bank loan. It was during this investigation where it was discovered that Fred's business partner in one of the properties was known to have ties with the Mafia.[5]

Donald Trump probably got his racist tone from his own father, as stated above, describing how he would not sell to colored people and call them "the blacks" in German.[4] In fact, New York State officials got complaints of this practice from colored home buyers, and the government decided to do an undercover test in the 70's. At that time Donald Trump was the President of the company and his father was the CEO. They sent actors of both color and non-color, to ask for homes. What they found was that while the white group was given offers, the colored group were turned away and were told there were no homes available.[6] This discovery turned into a civil rights suit with the US Department of Justice, as the practice being followed by the Trump's was a violation of the Fair Housing Act of 1968.[7] The situation for the Trump's was even worst, apparently the FBI started an investigation into this.[8] Trumps lawyer, Roy Cohn who was known to be the lawyer for McCarthy, did a counter suit alleging lies by the DOJ.[7]

But it apparently does not stop there. What was discovered in the course of that investigation, would make someone claim the finding as proof of the term "Like Father, Like Son". Apparently, there was a code in the Brooklyn branch of the office, where "Low-Lifes" referred to Blacks and "Drug Dealers" referred to Puerto Ricans, and further confirmed that blacks were told there were no vacancies.[8] Later on, Donald would grow up and start calling Mexican's drug dealers. Only a few colored and Puerto Ricans were able to live in one of the company's properties. It was also discovered that there was a practice in the company, where in order to be able to rent anything, one must have had a monthly salary that was four times the rent.[9] It was also further discovered in the investigation that Fred told his rental agent who worked with the company claimed that Fred told him to get rid of "the blacks" in the properties by telling them of cheaper housing located nearby. Furthermore, Fred told the agent to not sell to anyone who was on welfare.[10][11]

Donald Trump would later become a spoilt kid. When ever his businesses were on the verge of bankruptcy, his father would try to somehow bail him out of bankruptcy.[12] This spoiling, was based of a two ideologies that Donald's father instilled in both of his children. "Failure or Losing was never a choice" and to always "think positive".[4] One can only just guess what these ideologies would have dictated on Donald's reaction when he lost the election in 2020. "Loosing was not a choice", thus Donald felt he could not have lost, and "think positive", Donald was kept in a delusional stance of positivity that there must have been voter fraud which caused him to loose, and thus he felt he really won. This only comes to show, who Donald Trump was joking to when he claimed that Biden suffered from dementia..

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Mar 14, 2015
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Aug 5, 2000
And that's the kind of guy that swept up the base of the Repub party and turned them into a mob that Trump could threaten any and all who defied him, who dared to challenge his supremacy as the titular head of the Party of Lincoln, the Party of Family Values, the Party of Small Gov't, the Party of *heh* Conservative Values. LOL


Feb 1, 2008
Trump had a lot of help and was allowed pretty sweet deals when building his empire in NYC. Rudy Giuliani as mayor was the guy Trump ran to for cutting deals to avoid state and city taxes when purchasing Trump property, and when building his buildings. Mayor Ed Koch also gave into Trump allowing Trump to skirt city building codes, regulations and purchase property for nearly nothing. And again, also avoiding taxes on those same properties. Trump bullied, threatened, schemed and plotted to get where he was as the real estate mogul of NYC. A lot of cutting corners, bypassing regulations, and heads turning the other way to allow Trump what he wanted. Trump Tower was pretty much a gift from the city, and now Trump collects those outrageous rents. Crap, maybe he is presidential material after all ???

The three part series Trump: An American Dream. explains it all. Some of it available on youtube, or it once was.