Review Artic P12 Max - Bang for Buck High Pressure Fans (only $13 each!)


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Sep 10, 2012
Looks like Artic made some important improvements to their 120mm fan lineups with the new P12 Max. It's not the best 120mm fan but it's top 3 for half the price of the competition and it does not use a thicker overall profile, so still 25mm thick unlike the Phanteks T30. I hope they addressed the vanilla P12's resonance issue as well, because if they did, I think I'd stick with these fans and call it a day for any and all future builds.

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Feb 26, 2006
My AC Liquid Freezer II came with 2 of their 140mm fans. Nice and quiet. (but (I think) slightly louder than the 140MM be quiet Silent Wings fans that came with my be quiet! case. (might be because the Arctic fans are pushing through a radiator while the be quiet! fans are just case ventilation fans)
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