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Arson destroys Women With A Vision office

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Oct 11, 2000

Dear friends, colleagues and family,

Today we reach out to express our gratitude for your support and to let you know that everyone in the Women With A Vision family is safe.

Thanks to the fast response of all of our supporters across the country, many of you have already heard that our office was broken into last night and set on fire. The worst damage was concentrated in our community organizing and outreach office where we store all of the resources we use to educate our community. We lost everything. We do not have an office to operate out of right now. Most of our office equipment and all of our educational resources were destroyed. Because of the targeted nature, we can only assume that this was intentional.

We are shaken to be sure, and deeply worried about how we will provide for our members while we are rebuilding. But the work will continue. This cannot and will not stop us from speaking out for people who do not have a voice.

Please know that your thoughts, your prayers, your kind words and your positive energy are felt. Your care for WWAV is what is giving us the strength to make sure that we reopen, bigger and better than before, as soon as possible.
Just another data point in the War Against Women (especially poor women). If you can't beat em, burn em.


Jun 26, 2006
The one where Republicans want to give women the equality with men they so wanted and they whine about the consequences :rolleyes:
Women are very oppressed. How many women have had the opportunity to get drafted against their will and die in a far away land? None! Millions of men have had this opportunity in the last century alone. I support women's rights, let's start WW3 to correct this inequality.

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Jan 26, 2000
What makes you think it wasn't random crackheads?
Because it has to be of course. It may very well be someone with an agenda and it could be a bunch of drunks with nothing else to do. Then again maybe they served beverages larger than 16oz.
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