ArmA: Queen's Gambit


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Nov 10, 2004
This is an expansion pack to the game ArmA: Combat Operations. Played it til 12am last night and got to like the 3rd mission only. I must have replayed the 1st mission more than a dozen times before beating it without suffering too much casualties to my team. However if some of them do die don't worry cause you'll just get new replacements in the next mission. And unlike in ArmA:CO where you control a rather large squad of soldiers, in QG you're the leader of a small special forces team (5 members including you). This makes it a little easier to control and give them orders but still extremely clumsy in the heat of a firefight. The enemy AI is a little more forgiving in this than in CO. I remember screaming out "No ****ing way!" every 10 minutes cause an enemy soldier popped me with sniper-like precision with an AK from 300 meters out in CO. Can't wait to play some more tonight.

Oh and the screenshots from the upcoming series in the game looks impressive too.