Arma 3 And Squad Are The Only Online Shooters With Air Vehicles And LEAN Mechanic

Gizmo j

Senior member
Nov 9, 2013
The 2 previous Arma titles had lean too but their online service are offline, Arma 3 however is still playable online.

The biggest flaw with Arma 3 is it's both first person AND third person, which means in close quarters combat players can go third person and see around corners which really kills the intensity of close quarters combat.

Squad is strictly first person but a flaw the game has is no doors you can open and close as opposed to Arma 3. The ability to open and close doors might sound silly but if you every played tactical shooters such as the SWAT series, early rainbow six series, and socom series you would know just how much a difference doors change the gameplay.
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