Argh, Lenovo V15 laptop screens are secured with adhesive on flimsy metal strips


May 19, 2011
Normally a laptop screen is easy to replace: Remove the outer screen bezel (usually a combination of screws and plastic clips), then undo a couple of screws that secure the metal chassis around the screen to the laptop lid, then undo a series of screws holding the screen to that chassis. Less than an hour's work normally.

Lenovo's "new and improved" method involves clips only for the outer bezel, then adhesive tape securing the screen on two flimsy and easily bendable metal strips. I'd be surprised if it was just Lenovo doing this as there's always a push to make everything thinner including the laptop lid, and the screen itself can be thinner if one removes the need to screw the screen by its sides to the inner chassis.

The service manual's section on screen replacement is conspicuous in its absence, instead there's a section on removing the entire lid from the rest of the laptop which tends to involve dismantling the entire laptop.