ARGH! I am disgusted with everything


May 28, 2001
When I heard about the WTC and the petagon, I was sitting in my AP computer science class, and my first thought was, "Hell no, this couldn't be, this is some sick joke." But more people walked by talking about the terrorist acts. I walked by the media center and saw on the TV the WTC smoldering. I had a feeling of dread going over me, but mainly I had a feeling of anger. I wanted someone to die. I didn't care who, I just wanted to see people suffering and dieing. Through the day, I was trying to come to grips with the horrible atrocity that had happened. I had this feeling like I was going to wake up, like this couldn't be happening.

I started thinking deeply about world power, war and violence in our world. I still wanted somebody to die, I didnt want innocents to die, but in my mind I had a good justification for wanting somebody to die. I thought that if we didnt come out kicking ass, the terrorists were going to think that we were pansies, and that they had made the big super power roll over on its belly.

I was pissed as hell with the palistinians who were dancing in the streets handing out candy. I was pissed at the middle eastern countries that are teaching their children that we(americans) are evil and that killing us is good. If you think about it, war is all they know, all they know is violence and killing. To them, tuesday was a major victory to them, somebody just got the country that was supplying isreil with all the money and weapons to hurt them.

Today, when I got home from school, I was checking the boards, and I found the post with the pictures of memorials all over the world. It touched me in a profound way, I got goose bumps all over and I got watery eyes. I then read a post about what the isralies did to the palistinians durring one of their attacks.

I dont know what I think now, I just know that I am alot more patriotic. My mom asked me today whether I would go into the draft (a moot point since I'm 15) if the governemnt reinstated it. If she would have asked me this last week, my reply would have been 'HELL NO! I'm going to canada!' But the more I think about it, I think that if my country wanted me to fight for them, I might. I would rather do something in the CIA or NSA, as opposed to going into general service. But if I was 18, and the draft was instated, I would consider it, if there wasnt a draft, I might even consider enlisting.

The state of the world is sad. I'm not really sure what I think regarding violence or retaliation now, I want to think that if we act peaceful, the terrorists will act peaceful, but I know that this isn't the case, the terrorists arn't rational thinkers, they have been brainwashed by their leaders by warping the works of allah, to suit their needs.

I hope that this has done something, for somebody, besides myself, because its helps to get your ideas out of your head. All of my opinions are subject to change.
Peace to all,
Jan 18, 2001
just be glad you were born in a free country, with free speech, and without a religious cult in charge of the government, economy, and church.

there is good and bad everywhere. we have just gotten walloped by a whole bumnch of bad. look for the good, its there.

good luck in your AP classes


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Oct 16, 1999

<< Fine! nobody needs to respond :(


I don't think anybody is ignoring you on purpose,I can't speak for everyone but after a couple of days of constant worry and poor sleep I am simply numb. I need to go do some laundry,clean my house and try to function normally.