Area of a Sphere?

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Jun 24, 2008
Yes, but it's more incorrect to say area when meaning volume, so good faith dictates that we take this mistake as the omission of surface rather than the confusion between area and volume, negating the the need for the clarifying question, at least until further idiocy is detected in this specific regard.

In other words, asking him if he means surface area or volume is more asinine than him simply leave the word surface out of his sentence.
I agree with this but precision in the language is a necessary habit to take unless you want to go crazy when trying to learn maths, so there can be no pity. This is not being like a grammar nazi, because language errors in maths often hide or even cause conceptual misunderstandings, while day-to-day communication with wrong grammar can still be achieved with no loss of meaning as long as it's readable enough not to make the reader's frustration overbear his willingness to read.