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Are some Republicans hoping Romney loses?

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Sep 26, 2000
With some prominent Republicans coming out for Romney to release his tax returns I have come up with a theory.

Six months ago when it looked like the economy was going to rebound Republicans were willing to put a relative 'moderate' up as a sacrificial lamb to Obama. However, with the European fiscal debacle and the lack of recovery in the US it looks like Romney might have a chance. And that is a problem for the radical Republicans.

For many years now the Republicans have been trying not to govern as much as radically remake American society. They have abandoned compromise and have set upon a course to radicalize their members to the highest state of frenzy possible using fear and hate.

Now they are concerned that Romney is not one them. And that his non confrontational style will take the wind out of their radical agenda.

Rather than this happening the idea of 4 more years of Obama are not very threatening. They believe they can thwart any type of change using their hold on the House. And that they would rather Obama bear the burden of at least a couple of years more of economic difficulties. And that they can use the ACA which will start kicking in a few years from now more effectively since it will actually start having consequences.

Using this they could hope to capture both houses in 2014 and go into 2016 with a truly batshit crazy candidate who would fire up the base for a really radical agenda which could be accomplished with the Presidency and both houses. And that they could ride the economic recovery as a basis for their change.


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Nov 27, 2003
I'm convinced Perry wants Romney to lose so he could run in 2016.


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Mar 10, 2006
Rick Perry WILL be your next President; everyone knows this.
What you might not have known is that spider was playing the long game. He knew Obama would win this time, and technically he's still the same president. So when Perry runs and wins in 2016 spider calls in his bets!


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Feb 1, 2008
It's hard to beat an incumbent president. Just ask old GW.
Republicans would be smart to be big and wait their turn come 2016.
Level playing field.
And if republicans were thinking clearly on this, they'd realize the down side in winning the white house in 2012 is having Romney in there possibly 8 full years. Not just the 4.
I can't see Christie wanting to wait a full 8 years for his chance at bat.


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Jan 14, 2001
Are some Republicans hoping Romney loses?

Only since he was introduced, but that's just me.


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Apr 16, 2009
Pretty much all Liberty people and Libertarians hope he loses. (These groups tend to vote Republican) I'd say 20-30% of the Teaparty also believe he is the wrong choice. Independents are likely 50/50, and he will be hard pressed to gain much more than 30% of the women and hispanic crowd. The black community will be 95% in President Obamas favor so yea.

Romney has zero support and his grassroots is laughable. The problem has been for awhile now that the GOP is playing the good'ol boy system, the next man up gets his shot. More and more Republicans are seeing this and it draws some concern.

Many believed that the Paul movement was a good thing and helped bring many young people to the table, however since it directly slapped the face of neocon thinking the large figures in the party basically killed it from the get go.

So yes, there are some Republicans who want to see Romney lose. It is not a majority but it is enough to easily sway the election, not that it was going to be close to begin with.
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