Are older 2.4Ghz N300 routers still useful for anything? What about with DD-WRT?


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Aug 25, 2001
Are these in any way still useful? I've got a pile of them. I think I paid $20 ea., for some WNR2000 v2 units. I used to flash them to DD-WRT, but then the stock firmware finally got updates for IPv6, and the DD-WRT firmware was too big to fit in IPv6 support. (4MB flash memory, not a lot.)

So, I'm wondering if I should sell them cheap, or junk them.

I bought a pile of Tenda "High Power" AC1200 routers, first five were $20 ea., second five were $12 ea., so average of $16 ea. I was hoping to either keep them, as they have Broadcom chipsets, until Tomato or DD-WRT supports them, or resell them for $25-30 ea.

So, if an AC1200 router (with somewhat gimped factory firmware, although it does have WDS and WISP modes), sells for $20., I guess that would mean that the N300 routers might be worth even less? Or not so, because they can do DD-WRT, and the AC1200 routers can't, yet.

Edit: I've got some Linksys / Cisco E2500 v1 routers too, all flashed with the newest Shibby Tomato.

The downside of all three of these routers, is that they only have 10/100 ports, which is a bit limiting for a LAN, but not so much for internet access, unless you have a 100Mbit/sec or higher package. (Which my friend did eventually upgrade to, so I upgraded him to a $45 TrendNet AC1200 gigabit router, from one of my N300 2.4Ghz routers.)
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Feb 25, 2011
You already know the answer. If you have a slow Internet connection, and older wireless clients that don't, or can't, use more than wireless-n, then they're adequate. Think, "grandmothers with tablets", and not "torrent king of Ohio."


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Aug 25, 2001
Where are you buying these things?
Newegg, mainly. I think that the E2500 router's came from Cisco's online store, before Linksys / Cisco (SOHO) were sold to Belkin.

All of them were purchased refurb. All work more-or-less fine. (Well, only tested two of the AC1200 routers out of my stash.)


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Oct 25, 1999
Buy it Now on eBay WNR2000 v2 is $10 free shipping (a neighbor gave me one few weeks ago so I checked to its value)

BTW Larry, you seems to treat DD-WRT (and other 3rd party firmwares) as the "Ten Commandments" given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

In reality 99% of people currently buying Wireless Routers never heard of it.

While in the past they were a must for Enthusiasts, they are any more so.



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Sep 15, 2000
You and me both Larry. Have a pile of ~10x of those v2s sitting here with DD-WRT.
Fortunately, I only paid $4.99/ea for those refurbed back in the day :)

Upgraded to WNDR4500v2s that I picked up for $40/ea, again running DD-WRT (kongac's build)