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Question Are my Kingston DDR4 sticks from the same kit?


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Apr 3, 2020
I purchased a used computer a few days ago and have ran into some BSOD & RAM problems, with both Memtest64 and Memtest86 showing up with multiple errors on both sticks (tested together and individually).

I've contacted the seller and he seems hesitant of giving me more warranty information, asking me to see if it might stay stable from now on (lowered his OC from 2666mhz to 2400mhz, which didn't affect the Memtest performance). He said he's using two RAM sticks from the same set on his on PC, even though these sticks are sold as a pair of two sticks.

The fonts on the serial information on my sticks are a bit different. Their Part Numbers and Revision Numbers are the same, but any of the other codes don't match. I don't know which of these codes would tell me if they're an actual kit.

I contacted Kingston directly and they're willing to replace my RAM kit. But I'm afraid the seller cherry picked the best two sticks from multiple options: leaving me with the worst ones, not caring for the warranty as they'd need to be from the same kit to be approved for warranty.

The model is Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2400mhz 2x8 CL15, HX424C15FB2K2/16


Nov 4, 2004
Pics of modules...

And IMO, he should give you the set he claims is working and take the failing ones back.