Question Are HDMI and DVI bi-directional?


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Dec 3, 2010
I have two computers set up next to each other. Both computers have HDMI out ports. I have a single monitor that has a DVI input. I want to be able to turn one computer on and use the monitor, then turn that computer off and turn the other computer on and use the same monitor. Would something like this work? The images show DVI to HDMI, but could I use it as HDMI to DVI?



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Aug 11, 2001
Best I can tell this is just a mechanical, passive adapter, so not directional, best guess is it will work as long as one of the systems is either off, or sleeping so not outputting a video signal. If I'm wrong, Amazon is pretty good about accepting returns, but not worth it if not using prime so shipping eats up the refund... assuming that's true for this 3rd party seller.


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Jun 8, 2005
It's a "probably should work". DVI and HDMI have an overlapping interoperable space, and you can connect a DVI-D Display to an HDMI Source. If your display only supports DVI-A it will *not* work. That stated, HDMI supports color profiles, resolutions, and HDCP versions that are not compatible with DVI-D. Ideally, your graphics card will be able to interpret the EDID from the DVI monitor and configure a compatible display mode automatically, but if it doesn't work automatically, you may need to manipulate some of those settings manually on your graphics card until you get proper display output.