Question Are all AX wireless cards basically the same?


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Mar 20, 2000
poking around it seems like all the desktop cards are the intel AX wireless mini-pcie card on an adapter board. main difference is that some come with heatsinks and some don't. if that's the case does it make sense to go with a name brand over an off brand? i'll hang up and listen.


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May 4, 2000
While there are cheaper options, when it comes to networking equipment, I stay with known brands (and make sure they are using Intel chipsets so I know I can get updates directly from Intel). I know some of the less-known brands also use Intel chipsets, but not worth it to me to save $10-$20.

I bought this one last August, and I've been really happy with it's performance/stability/drivers. It also has a nice magnetic base on the external antenna that can stick to metal surfaces.
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Oct 25, 1999
There are only few manufacturers of Wireless Chip-sets, anyone who makes wireless cards (or any other wireless gizmo) has to use one of these chip-sets. The spec. of the product, and software starts with the OEM drivers and the core chipset specs.

So... using the same chipset, some vendors might produce good cards, others not so good.

The good amd the not so good cards are sold under the same declared specs (of the chip set) and do not tell us what each manufacturer used beside the core chipset and the real quality of the Antenna.

Thus, as said above there is a better chance to get a decent product when buying a known brand name.

That said, when it comes to Network components the external environment has a strong effect too.

If the Wireless is used in a Studio apartment it will provide different result than those of big apartment or a House.

As a result the solution is to buy the hardware from a vendor with liberal return policy. Unbox the card carefully, and return it if it does not work well in your specific environment.