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ARC soundbar and multiple inputs


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Feb 15, 2021
I have a Samsung LED TV that is capable of ARC (audio return channel). It has a total of 2 HDMI ports. I have 2 sources (Xbox and PC) and I want both to use a sound bar. I want to upgrade my sound bar (not ARC compatible), and make sure I can use both sources.

My thinking is that if one source goes IN to the sound bar, and the OUT from the sound bar goes to the ARC port on the TV, then the other source can go to the non-ARC port on the TV. Then I would just need to switch inputs on the TV, and the TV and sound bar will know whether to send or receive audio.

Is that how it works?


Nov 13, 2001
if you got a decent sound bar, and tv, they both should have it so you hook the sound bar with Bluetooth, being wireless, and work on SD/HDMI/Smart stuff off your tv.

I know my Cheap Hisense H8G has it that way, and if you buy it, or something else make sure its a Android based one. Its almost like the Shield Tv then, play games on it, and can add anything bluetooth to it be it a speaker, or xbox/PS controller to it if they are bluetooth.