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APU RAM over clock help


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Oct 25, 2016
So I built my new rig last month and ive decided its time to squeeze every frame I can out of this £300 system.

Specs: 7870K APU
Cooler Master Hyper 103 Cooler
A88XM-PLUS Motherboard
Patriot Black Mamba 2133Mhz RAM CL11 11-11-11-27
Thermal take Versa H15 Case
EVGA 450B 80+ Bronze PSU

I can get my igpu to 1040Mhz from 720Mhz with no issue, it runs stable until I go for 1114Mhz, at that point it kinda shits the bed and refuses to post. That's all fine and dandy for me.

My CPU is being left stock as the performance returns tend to come more from the memory and GPU speeds so why bother eh?

My main issue is that I am trying to push my ram to 2400Mhz but it doesn't seem to like it. I change my timings to 12-12-12-31 and upped the voltage to 1.65v. However, ive been told I should maybe do something with my NB frequency. As a first time overclocker, I'm unsure of its purpose within my context so I'm looking for some information. Also if anyone knows how I can get my igpu to 1114Mhz, that would also be appreciated, but the RAM is my main concern. Thanks for helping!


Apr 27, 2000
Okay, first off you don't need your iGPU running that fast. You probably don't "need" it running faster than 917 MHz, if that.

I recommend 1.7v vDIMM, and I've been running my Silicon Power DDR3-2400 at that voltage level since Nov. 2014 without issue. You are probably going to have to use CAS12, yes.

As for vNB helping you with RAM stability . . . ehh I doubt it. If you decide to up your NB speed (which you should, aim for 2000 MHz NB) you will need more vNB. Also raising vNB will contribute to iGPU stability at higher clocks.

I do not recommend vNB higher than 1.35v, and if you can keep it lower than that, please do.