apple wireless keyboard+logitech mx900 ?


Mar 8, 2005
i hope u guys can help me make a decision here. i am currerntly on the market for: a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, and a wired mouse. The wired logitech optical i have now is going to my other computer. want to get a new wired one too because i dont trust a wireless mouse for gaming (unless someone can convince me). i was thinking the mx510 for about 30$ newegg was a good deal. seems like an easy choice.

note: this computer is running on a 50" screen which i sit about 10 feet from, i already have to run a 15" usb cord from tv to couch for my usb soundcard, due to my klipsch sub being behind the couch. so i do want a nice wired mouse, long cord is nice too since i can put the usb hub hidden further away.

for the wireless part i am thinking the following: i will get the apple wireless bluetooth keyboard (60$) and use the mx900 to link it all together. problem is this mouse is 75$ at newegg, ms can be had about 10-15 cheaper i think. ive felt the two at compusa and i like the logitech more for sure. but i only want to buy it if i know it works with it being so expensive. The other option is getting the dbt-120 for 40$, but then i have no wireless mouse. The thing that bothers me about this route is that it looks like most bluetooth mice come with their own hub, so i would get hammered on an upgrade.

any input is appreciated.