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Question Apple Watch Likely to Gain Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Blood Alcohol Monitoring


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Feb 14, 2004
That would be pretty insane:

I went through a stats phase & picked up tools like a Bluetooth HRM, used a 14-day Freestyle Libre CGM, wireless scale, etc. (ultimately just settled on staying at a healthy weight, daily exercise, & IIFYM lol). I think the more real-time, daily, live tracking we can do, the better, because it gives us heads-up indications of potential health issues sooner than an annual physical would. The game is rapidly changing for at-home healthcare. Like all of my appointments for the past year have been basically via Facetime, which feels like the future for sure! Plus Quest now lets you order your own tests, if you have the budget, so you can check nearly 50 things of your choice:

The Keto world blew up with at-home testing as well. The latest strips can test for like 10 different things: (check your urine for Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen & Specific Gravity)

There was the old crowdfunded Scanadu at-home urine testing device for stuff like kidney function, which got acquired by Healthy.io:

So hopefully we'll see some cool stuff like Bluetooth pods for toilets to track stuff like kidney function, early-warning cancer indictors, etc. at some in the future. The technology you can get these days is amazing...I picked up a fingertip oxygen monitor & forehead temperature monitor for covid for like twenty bucks each on Amazon lol. I'd love to see all of this stuff get inter-connected in like a smarthome or bluetooth connection web & then talk to say an Apple Medical AI to keep you ahead of the curve health-wise. Like if they had the glucose watch & a little kit with an oxygen meter, automatic toilet bowl measuring system, etc. They're even coming out with 3D body scanners for $500:

If they could do detailed body change tracking & coloration tracking (ex. cancer moles), that could help a lot too. There was a case a few years back where a nurse was watching TV & emailed the host to let him know he needed to get his throat lump checked out, which turned out to be cancer:

So imagine having a little toolkit like a 3D body scanner with a smartscale, a super-watch with BP & glucose monitoring, urine testing, and so on that you get reminded to zip through once a week for like 10 minutes or so. Philips has a little at-home sleep apnea-testing device that you can do online outside of insurance (it was like a 4-month wait for a sleep clinic when I wanted to get mine done locally, so I just did the home test version instead - not as accurate, but it's a good start!)...they send you a little iPhone-style gadget with some tubes you put under your nose to test overnight at home:

I discovered I have genetic sleep apnea a couple years ago because of this, and it drastically improved my quality-of-life because I wasn't freaking exhausted anymore for no reason! lol. So I'm a big fan of using at home-technology to diagnose & stay on top of stuff on a regular basis. Very excited to see where all this tech goes!!