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Apple A12 & A12X [EDIT 2020-03-18] *** Now A12Z as well ***

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Dec 17, 2008
It is an improvement over the old iPad Pro, due to more DRAM, more flash, better camera and slightly faster graphics. They're just giving a mid life kicker to this generation iPad Pro to make it a better value - you not liking it compared to the regular iPad is irrelevant to Apple. You obviously aren't their target market for the "Pro" version. For buyers of the Pro these are welcome improvements, or they can wait another 9-12 months for a bigger bang.
Human folly and all that, but I am allowed to want more in an ethereal sense. I am disappointed for I feel this is like the old iphone generation thing where

Main Number change, you get new features
S Number change, you actually get better specs with cpu, gpu, and ram.

[Note this pattern no longer applies but it was the old pattern for example iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s and so on.]


It was 18 months ago (500 days) when the last iPad Pro upgrade compared to now. I would feel a little better if this was the change 12 months in not 18. It would be great if we get new silicon in 6 months from now. I just wish the iPad Pros were on a more "consistent / quicker cadence" instead of being updated 2015 / 2017 / 2018 / 2020.

Richie Rich

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Jul 28, 2019
Why would they release an A12 variant?
The answer could be because there is no A14X suitable for iPad Pro. This could have several reasons:
  • - there is no A14X at all - Apple skipped last ARMv8.3 chip in favor to A15X with new ARMv9 and SVE vectors
  • - there is no A14X at all - A12Z is still beast, now cheaper and A14 provides smaller performance jump to be worth it
  • - A14X is delayed for next year
  • - A14X has bigger configuration (6+6 cores) aiming for 10W TDP for laptops

A15 design should be finished soon so Apple has performance numbers already. If A15 is bigger performance step than A14 then it makes sense skipping A14X entirely (A12X/Z is still beast, it beats Ice Lake at half TDP). Also not bad to have new ARMv9 ISA for both SoCs at the same time.

Doug S

Feb 8, 2020
The reason there is no A14X is because TSMC isn't ready for mass production at 5nm yet. Skipping A14X because A15 will be better is stupid, the next one will always be better so they'd wait forever with that plan.