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Anyway to save a bit of money at Marriott.com?

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Jul 19, 2001
Trying to beat their $264/night price + tax

Locked due to necro. Codes in penultimate post no longer seem relevant, so closing this thread.

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Jun 6, 2002
How about AAA rate? I've seen the price drop $100/night...hotels almost never ask for the card anyway.


Aug 22, 2001
If your traveling on business, there are a couple of ways to save money.

First off, if your travel is being reimbursed by the client, ask if that client has a corporate rate code available. If no corporate rate is available and you'll be traveling back and forth to that location frequently, contact the local group/corporate sales office and try and work out a discount rate plan. Lastly, reserve several weeks in advance to get the best rate.


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Nov 4, 2002
AAA discount, but be prepared to present your card. Every hotel that I've been to asks for the card when I get the AAA discount.


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Feb 1, 2001
If you are traveling for one of these companies or otherwise qualify for one of the other codes you can often get a good discount. I'm staying at a FS Marriott normally $189/night for $129.

AAA also good for CAA members
AAC Arthur Anderson
A70 Alaska Airlines
A9M All State Motor Club - Thursday-Sunday
ACC Accenture
ACS Affiliated Computer Services
ADP (or ADV) advance purchase?
AET Aetna
AFI American Family Insurance
AIG American International Group
ALL Allstate
AMX American Express
AOL American Online
APP Applied Materials
APL Apple
APC Apple Computers (Fullerton, CA at least)
ARN Culture package/Discover Europe
ASG Assurant Solutions (Atlanta & Miami)
AXC AMEX Centurion, special booking requirements

BAC Bank of America
BAR Best Avail Rate
BEC Bechtel
BOA Bank of America
BOB Bank One
BOG Buy 1 get 1 free - Springhill Suites
BPA BP Amoco
BWG Buy One Get One Free

C9N Canada Discounts
C8E 20% off Europe Weekends and/or 3 for 2 East europe
C7J Continental Air specials
CFA Chick Fil A
CIT Citicorp & Affiliates
CLX Clorox
CNL If you work for CNL corp which often owns MR props
COK Coca-Cola
COX Cox Enterprise or Manheim Auto Auction (ONT)
CRP Corporate
CVG Convergys
CUE Eastern U.S. Cultural / Arts

DBK Deutsche Bank
DCX Daimler Chrysler
DEL Dell Computer
DEV Devry (Chicago)
DIS Disney Employees
DLA Delta
DTC Deloitte Touche
D18 Deluxe Dining Package
D50 Special Value Rate
D52 Northwest airlines specials in southwest US
D55 eCampaigns Discount in DC
D55 UK Easter code used Spring 05
D56 Family Fun pkg resorts AZ CA FL HI NV TX
D58 New York special rates through Sept 7
D60 Taste of Italy (dining packages, not only in italy)
D86 De Beers

EAT Meal Promo
EDD Eddie Bauer (Seattle area)
EDS Electronic Data Systems
EMC EMC employees
EMV Theme park ??
ENC Encore Discount
E0P E0G E0S Zero's folks - elite promo codes
ESC (or ES2) Escape
ES8 Escape

F8L Family fun in the SE USA
FAL ?junk rates? OR
FAL Fall in love with ATL
FBL Florida Power
FDU Fred Hutchinson Rsch Ctr, Seattle
FED Federal Express
FLT Fleet Bank
FML Family rate pkg
FPL Florida Power
FRD Ford Motor Company
FXL Florida Residents Rate

GAP Gap, Inc
GAR Unknown
GGL Google
GMC General Motors
GOV Government Rate

H30 Free night stay in southeast
H77 Famtastic - IATA probably required
HOL Holiday
HON Honeymoon
HPR Stay 2 get one free

I24 Renaissance Hotels or SE FS Marriotts 3 night min $100 credit
IBM IBM Corporation
IBS Intel (?)
INL Intel (San Jose)
INC Incentive Awd

JCP JC Penney DFW and SLC
JPM JP Morgan Chase

KRO Kroger

LEH Lehman Bros
LGM Legg Mason
LHS Lufthansa Miles and More Elite
LLR someone stated for cops and firemen or 2 rm family pkg World Center
LOW Lowes
LPR Local promotion rate
LRR Leisure Rate
LTS Long term stay
LVU Love You Special Rates

M9W similiar to M11 with free b/f for 06
M11 Marriott Rewards Member Offers
M12 Marriott Rewards Elite Offers
MAA Manhattan Associates
MAJ Family package
MCO Microsoft
MEB Marriott E-Breaks - US/Canada
MFF Medical Staffing (Chicago Area?)
MLB SAB Miller
MMP Marriiott Associate Pleasure rate?
MMR Friends and family (Also seen as Masterfoods USA)
MOG (or MOD?) Marriott Owners Discount
MOS Morgan Stanley

N8R $50 Bonus Bucks for up to 2 nights
N9R Fall getaway
NCL Family package
NIS Nissan Corporation
NKE Nike
NOR Northrop Grumann
NOV Novell Pharmacy
NPR National promotional Rate (this appears as various companies pending location)
NVL Novellus

OP7 Come out and play - Weekend Rates
ORA Oracle
OTP Come out and play - Wknd Rates 15% - AMEX

P17 Point Saver
P26 Professional Cricket Association (London)
P42 Pere Marquette New Orleans (and different results throughout Europe)
P52 Unknown
P74 Hawaii Escape
PS2 Unknown
PAG Proctor & Gamble - told it works well in Asia
PAR ??
PEP Pepsi
PFE Pfizer
PES Escape Packages
PID Piedmont Natural Gas Charlotte NC
PKF Park and Fly
PKG Package Rates
PRU Prudential
PSE Dining Package

QUA Qualcomm (SD)

R6M Renaissance $100 Savvy Savings Cert future 2 night stay
R8H Los Angeles Renaissance $76/night F-Su
RTZ Ritz Carlton ? need ID?
RXL Relax

S4B Stay for breakfast
SAL Saloman Smith & Barney
SAM ??
SAR Sara Lee
SHA ? in Baton Rouge
SHL Shell
SHE Shell
SHO Shop
SIX ??
SON Sony (good in Berlin, NY, CA per FT?er)
SPA Spa Package
SPO Sporting Event
SPR Sprint
STF Scientific Atlanta
STT Unknown
SW8 Southwest Airlines
SUN Sun Microsystems

T72 Tulane University
TR5 Trowe Price
T77 Travel Agent code?TEA ??? Teamsters ???
TBS Turner Broadcasting System
TFB Two for Breakfast
THM Theme parks
TOS Toshiba
TOY Toyota
TRS We Car(e) for you
TRV Travel Professionals (IATA/Travel Agent/Marriott)
TSN ThyssenKrupp AG
TVL Unknown (possibly need Tvl agent ID)
TXI (or TX1) Texas Instruments
TZO Travel Zoo Special Offers

U54 United airlines in London
UAL United Airlines
UNI Uniglobe Travel
UPS United Parcel Service

V12 International Hotels (20% discount)
V88 London Area Marriott Hotels
VIP Marriott VIP Athletic Program
VPS Unknown
VSA Visa

W8S Western hotels special rates
W9S LA Airport
W14 Wedding
W21 Dining package
WAC Wachovia Bank
WDI Walt Disney Imagineering ???
WEL Wells Fargo
WMU Washington Mutual
WKD Weekend
WCT Washington D.C Tourism Coalition

XES unknown
XML Leisure Links
XMA/XSP Xmas offer but works till march in some props
XOM Exxon Mobil
XSP From Delta Skymiles statement (unknown if affiliated with above)
XSP also listed again as stay for breakfast

YB6 UK Barclays Promo

Z2H Hot Rates AAA
Z4M Mesa AZ courtyard rate
Phone Reservations Only
WSAS $10 off and breakfast for 2 special rate
MYZZ 25 or 50 % off at select vacation Club Villas
MWAR 3rd night free in Thailand
MMEO 4th night free at select Marriott Offshore resorts in the Carribean
SOWK Arizona and California - 15% off
MWAQ JW Marriott Orlando Grand lakes & Orlando World Center


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Oct 28, 2014
Thank you for the Marriott discount codes. Has anyone ever used VSA which according to your list is a corp rate for Visa?? Very good discounts but wondering if we have to provide ID for this rate. I have read that you don't that it's a publicly used rate?? Your help is greatly appreicated. ML
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