Anyone with G. SKILL Trident Z RGB & MSI Motherboard? Please Help.


Oct 20, 2017
Sorry for posting so many questions about the ram but as you can see i am growing very very impatient. This time around i'll try to calm down and try to explain as clear as i can so i can get better help.

Ram and motherboard are the 2 last pars i need to build my pc and i am stuck on them So please help.

I want an rgb ram i had my eyes set on Corsair vengeance RGB since they had a wide range of compatibility but the thing is they are out of stock with no expected restock date available. Its soo frustrating like i already waited a month to get my CPU and GPU and now i am stuck on the Ram. Should have bought the ram when it was available .. So i am becoming desperate and very impatient as i have everything literally everything except the ram and motherboard. I have waited soo long (started buying parts in October, now its 31st December) So i decided to go with the G.Skill Trident Z RBG Ram which are available, but the thing is G.Skill is only compatible with Asus boards or so it was when it was launched.

I have my eyes set on the MSI Z370 KRAIT GAMING, since i have a non K Chip this board should be okay and its got a pretty good power delivery and is feature set and comes with quiet a lot of accessories.

I have looked everywhere and was unable to find a solid answer to my question.

The question is Will the G. SKILL Trident Z RGB RAM be compatible with the MSI mystic light software ? and by compatible i mean can i control the RAM RGB's using MSI software ?

I dont want to use 2 different software's cause there are plenty of ways that can go wrong (am absent minded so i will mess things up easily without knowing) like killing off the Ram kinda bad things.

Or should i just suck it up and buy an Asus board which will work with the G.Skill RBG Ram (Asus Strix Z370-F to be specific) that comes with lesser Features and have fewer RGB on board and looks a lot less cooler and no accessories.

I really like that MSI board cause it looks way too cool (personal preferences).
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Oct 5, 2005
Oh really ? what a bummer... Do you have any sources or speaking with personal experience ?
Most motherboard software's won't work with the memory at all. And it poses a risk of having spd corruption in rare cases.
ASRock, MSI, and Gigabyte are a few that can't control memory channel RGB, but only the RGB headers themselves.

Honestly, there's really no way you can mess it up unless you can't read, or you rush through things. Just take your time, and read carefully what you are doing.