Anyone want to comment on their Ionic Breeze experience?


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Oct 20, 2004
Ive read online reviews, looking to read more.

I was wondering...

The ozone guard seems fishy... Can't this make someone sick? Ive read some people say thats ridiculous to think, but ive heard some people say they couldnt breathe after using ozone guard. Any opinions?

Secondly.. Will it help with a dog in the apartment? Or is it just for dust and stuff... Any experiences?

And of course, anything else.



Apr 23, 2001
I think it was about 2 years ago, consumer reports did a test of them vs. regular air purifiers and the ionic breeze sucked arse compared to the rest.


Jan 23, 2001
Although testing varies, and not all air purifiers are tested by each organization, the Air Purifiers America and Consumer Reports do agree about one series of models -- the Ionic Breeze (*est. $350 to $500, depending on model) made by The Sharper Image. This electrostatic precipitator (meaning it electrically charges airborne particles) has a robust marketing campaign and makes up 25% of the market share for air purifiers, according to Consumer Reports.

The Ionic Breeze is given a "poor" rating by Consumer Reports, who claims that the Ionic Breeze removed very few particles from the air in their tests. The Sharper Image complained about the testing method used by Consumer Reports, so the organization tested the Ionic Breeze a second time (after the testing method was reviewed and validated by an independent expert) and got the same result. Consumer Reports tested the Ionic Breeze a third time for its May 2005 update, and yet again for its most recent October 2005 report. All of the Ionic Breeze air purifiers have consistently achieved the same poor results.

In a well-publicized lawsuit filed in September 2003 in California, the Sharper Image asserted that Consumer Reports' findings were false and malicious. That lawsuit was thrown out of court on November 9, 2004, with the court upholding Consumer Reports' First Amendment right to free speech in its assessment and review of the Ionic Breeze Quadra. At Air Purifiers America, editors also give the Ionic Breeze a rating of "poor," adding that the Breeze was "the worst performing unit we tested, in that it only removed 30% of the particles at the unit and 5% in the room."