Anyone used a Polk Command soundbar?


Jan 6, 2002
The bad reviews are terrible, the app to set it up has a 1 star average on the play store with 100'ish review. Googling this I found 2 people who mentioned it has to be setup on a 5Ghz wifi network or it won't work correctly. The actual written article reviews seem to like it. I'm not discounting the 110 1 star app reviews, but I could see a lot of people trying to set it up on a 2.5Ghz network and it not working - if that's actually the reason.

I'm looking for a sound bar, budget and the store I'm shoping at i's between the Polk command and the Polk Magnifi Mini. I can't find any heads up comparisons, but it looks like maybe the mini might even be a bit better, just the command comes with Alexa baked in, which if it works would be pretty cool. Kind of worried about everyone giving the app 1 star, but confused because there are hundreds of good reviews on Google. And they either used the same app and didn't have problems. Or bought a soundbar with Alexa in it and just aren't using that.