Anyone use Anyconnect-Always on? Or Win 7 Direct Access?


Dec 12, 2002
We're contemplating a product that will always connect, and not require any user interfacing. Something similiar to Win 7 DA, and AnyConnect's AO setup.

Is there a product we're missing? The only downfall for DA, is that we need Win 7 on everything, and Win 7 ultimate/enterprise licenses. Our new laptops come with Win 7 Pro, and not all machines are on 7 yet..maybe 15-20% are.

I am also thinking that once Win 8 comes out, things might change? I know AnyConnect will stay the same, and is well documented, and been around a little bit longer. The any connect portion has been since March 2010 if I recall.

Any input from people who have thought about this before? In a corporate environment? Sub 1500 remote laptops?