Anyone tried a GeForce 4 (MX250) with a HP Kayak XU800?

Kwad Guy

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Dec 1, 1999
I'm trying to replace the Oxygen GVX1 video card on a HP Kayak XU800 with a GeForce 4 MX250 64mb AGP card...I do the switch, and boot up...Install the Nvidia unified driver (latest from website), reboot and...the machine hangs with a frozen screen with video noise.

I'm running Win2k. I've tried the video drivers from the CD that came with the video card (MadDog). Same problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver. No help. I've upgraded with every update at Windows Update (DirectX 9, etc.) Nope.

Anyone know if there's an issue with this card and this machine. (It's based on the i840 platform). Note that the BIOS only lists one option for the video card, which is the Aperture size (set to 64mb; tried 128mb as well).

Can anyone help?



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Apr 28, 2000
MX-250???????? What the heck?? I've heard of the 420, 440, 440SE and 460 but *250*??

This something new? :Q :Q


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Feb 11, 2001
Is that a BX chipsaet mobo on the HP? I had a similar problem with an HP board before, with a GF4 MX420 AGp card. Windows drivers work fine but installing Detonator drivers would hang the system. The board had a built-in ATI video card, which was disabled properly. I heard the only way to use an external card properly with my systemis to upgrade the BIOS with a version that doesn't have the built-in video's VGA BIOS imbeded ( so you cannot use it at all). But I haven't tried it, sold the mobo.